Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

The challenges of growing up in today's rapidly changing society are enormous. Children and adolescents need to be equipped with skills for survival and growth that were never before imagined.  

My philosophy is one of self-empowerment: rather than giving clients answers, I prefer to teach them the tools to find answers and solve problems for themselves. They learn to more effectively communicate with parents, adults and peers, express their feelings appropriately, gain self-confidence in all of their interactions and develop more positive social skills.   I focus on teaching techniques that empower youth to develop the emotional skills necessary for a positive school experience and a fulfilling and happy life.

I provide a warm, non-judgmental setting in which my young clients can begin to understand their environments and see themselves and others more clearly, try on new ways of thinking and behaving, explore change, and identify both positive and negative patterns as they arise and make thoughtful choices accordingly.  

I balance deep support, kind humor and gentle challenging throughout my work.